Faithfulaw International's services include the scope of practices as follows:
                                         Patent Practices
                                         Trademark Practices
                                         Copyright Practices
                                         Other Practices
                                             IP Litigation
                                             IP Transaction
                                             IP Counseling
                                             IP Management
                                             IP Studies
                                             IP Searches
                                             Other IP Related Affairs

Patent Practices

---Patent search
---Patent patentability studies
---Patent drafting
---Patent prosecution
---Scope of practices
    ----Chemical & Biotechnology
    ----Electrical & Computer
    ----Mechanical & Optical
    ----Telecommunication & Networking

Trademark Practices

---Trademark search
---Trademark selection opinions
---Trademark prosecution
---Trademark review & appeal
---Trademark oppositions and cancellations
---Trademark renewal
---Trademark assignment
---Record of trademark license agreement

Copyright Practices

---Copyright registrations
---Software Registration

Other Practices   

  IP Litigation
    ---Patent litigation
    ---Trademark litigation
    ---Copyright litigation
    ---Patent invalidation
    ---Due diligence

     IP Studies
    ---Infringement studies
    ---Patentability studies
    ---Validity studies

     IP Searches
    ---Patent searches
    ---Trademark searches


      IP Counseling
    ---Opinions on due diligence
    ---Opinions on infringement
    ---Opinions on patent invalidation
    ---Opinions on brand protection strategies
    ---Opinions regarding issues specific to the technologies involved
    ---Opinions on implications of transactions on related company activities
    ---Opinions on acquisition and sale of assets, including purchase and sale
    ---Opinions on trade secret, trade dress, unfair competition

    IP Management
    ---Analyzing IP portfolio to identify strengths and opportunities
    ---Building IP portfolio and strategies to achieve business goals
    ---Managing IP portfolio to protect intellectual property
    ---Handling prosecution & litigation in connection with IP portfolio;
    ---Conducting due diligence reviews in connection with mergers and acquisitions, including negotiating and drafting license, technology transfer and acquisitions and other agreements to protect intellectual property

    Other IP Related Affairs
    ---Filing for record of patent rights with Customs
    ---Filing for record of trademark rights with Customs
    ---Filing for record of copyrights with Customs
    ---Registration of layout-designs of integrated circuits