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Frequently Asked Questions About Trademark
1.What is a Trademark?
2.Why do I need a Trademark?
3.When should i get a trademark?
4.What is the type of trademark?
5.What trademarks are registrable?
6.What trademarks are unregistrable?
7.What trademarks are prohibited?
8.What factors shall influence the recognition of a well-known trademark?
9.How are goods classified in China?
10.What is the priority?
11.What is the system of the Chinese trademark application?
12.When the trademark application will be published?
13.What is the term of a trademark registration in China?
14.What is the Scope of Protection of a registered trademark in China?
15.What are the useful options when a mark application is rejected?
16.Whether is there an opposition after the publication date in China?
17.How to mark a registered trademark in the goods in China?
18.What is the non-use cancellation system in China?


2.Why do I need a Trademark?
  Trademarks serve about the same purpose today as they did in the days of the guilds. By placing your mark 
on your products, you allow the consumer to distinguish your goods from shoddy imitations. Selecting a 
trademark to represent your product (or service) is one of the most important steps you will take in creating 
a successful business. The trademark should clearly distinguish your company and/or product from its 
competition; and yet it should also imply or suggest desirable qualities or characteristics of your product.