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Frequently Asked Questions About Patent
1.What is a patent?
2.How many types of patent protection are provided in China?
3.What is the duration of a patent in China?
4.Which subject matters can not be granted a patent?
5.What kind of invention or utility model or design can be granted a patent?
6.What is the priority?
7.What is the file system in the Chinese patent application?
8.Which language does my application need to be file in China?
9.What is the deadline for entering the national phase application based on PCT application?
10.When will a patent application be published in China?
11.When shall the applicant file a request for a substantive examination?
12.Whether can the applicant proceed with amending the application on his or its own initiative after filing an application?
13.What criteria are used to determine the scope of a patent protection?
14.If an application is rejected, what shall the applicant do?
15.Who may declare a patent invalidation?
16.Whether does the patentee mark the patent number on the products?
17.How to file a patent application for foreign entities and individuals?
18.If a patent is infringed, what can the patentee do?


1.What is a patent?
  A patent is a grant from the Chinese government to an inventor of the right to exclude others from 
making, using, selling, offering for sale, and importing the invention within the China for  a limited time,
in exchange for the inventor disclosing the invention to the public. A patent is a valuable way in  
which to protect one¡¯s rights in an invention. 
In return, patent applicants must share their knowhow by providing a full description of how their 
invention works. This information becomes public and can provide the basis for further research
by others.